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We Evangelize

We preach the message of Jesus Christ through song, testimonies and preaching in populated parks, street corners and neighborhoods that most folks will not go into.

We Feed

We prepare and cook all of our meals right on the spot! We have a team of 9 ladies that handle ALL of our cooking at every outreach. This team of ladies is called “Circle of Friends”. They are GREAT cooks and they work in the Spirit of Excellence. Our lead cook is Pastor Donna Waggoner.

We Encourage

We let folks know that there is hope no matter what their current situation may be, as we talk with them one-on-one and pray for them

Who we are

My wife, Victoria, and I felt a tug in our hearts to help people who are in need. On May 25, 2014, we began packing a few sandwiches, sodas and water and handed them out to different folks while we prayed for them. We approached "homeless folks", "sign holders" and those who seemed to be in need.

As time went on, friends would join us in passing out food and praying for people. Though we have friends that attend different churches, we all share one common interest - THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

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Our Needs


Various forms of donations are always welcome

In order to help support and fund our ministry, a monetary donation in any amount you, your family, or organization is led to provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Volunteers are always welcome and needed for various jobs such as:

1. Serving Ice-Cream
2. Overseeing and supervising the Jump House
3. Cooking
4. Setting up

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